What To Pawn For Fast Money

dollar-726884_960_720Sometimes, one finds themselves in a financial crisis. There is some sort of emergency and money is needed, and fast. Whether it’s a few thousand dollars or a few hundred, the problem must be solved rapidly. So what can one do?

While there are things like loans from banks and friends, these are not always feasible options (especially if you need the money right away). So what does that leave one with? Well, the tried and true pawn shop.

Many people have a general misconception about pawn shops. They think of them as seedy businesses where lowlifes will go to sell stolen merchandise. While I’m sure that this does happen on occasion, it is not the norm. Pawn shops are actually required to check their items in case they are stolen and have to comply with many state and federal laws.

But enough about that, let’s get into how to get some money from Ft Lauderdale pawn shops quickly.

To be successful in this, you need to know what items to pawn. While many pawn shops will take most anything of value, certain items will yield you better funds. Things like jewelry are a no-brainer, but realize that an old ring with a lot of sentimental value may not necessarily be worth a lot. The actual size and clarity of the gemstones on the pieces will determine the value.

No jewelry? Power tools are another good item, especially if they are in good condition and cleaned up before they are taken in for pawning. Ensure that you include all accessories and batteries when you bring them in.

Bicycles can also get some good returns, but only if they are in good condition, and name brand bikes will do a lot better. So if you have something that qualifies, then bring it in.