What To Do With Your Old Bike

You’ve been riding for some time now, and as usual, you’ve upgraded your equipment with the passing years. Better helmets, better protection, and even a better bike. Now the questions is of what to do with your old one.

The usual thought is to sell it. But maybe that’s not the best option for you. Maybe this bike has some sentimental value. Well, in that case, there’s a few other options.

If you have a son or daughter of age, you may want to give it to them, and teach them how to ride. This makes for some great weekends of bonding time. You can ensure that they learn and use proper bike safety and introduce them to a great pastime.

If that’s not a route, then perhaps giving it (or selling) to a friend. Keeping it close somehow feels warmer than just selling the thing away.

But if you have no one to give it to and nowhere to keep it, then you may need to just muster yourself up and sell it. Taking it to a pawn shop (http://www.uspawnjewelry.com/#!faq/mu8qo) may be a good option. Get some cash for it and see how you feel. If you want, you can always just get it back rather than having it be lost to you. This will give you time to make up your mind, and yet not have the bike in front of you (you sentimental softie!).

Hopefully this will be of help for those too sentimental to just sell their first ride. Just remember, there’s nothing wrong with selling it. Each bike has its place and could be seen as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.