Unwanted Gifts: Making The Most Out Of Them

receipt-1274307_960_720It has happened to us all; either on a birthday, holiday or some other special occasion, we have been gifted something that was either ┬ápurchased by someone who knows next to nothing about us,or someone who really couldn’t be bothered to be the least bit thoughtful. Sometimes even, when we have a particular passion or hobby (like our cars or motorcycles), we get gifted the same things by everyone, like a helmet or riding gloves. These unwanted gifts are always received in the same way: a polite smile, and faking that you like it. But the truth couldn’t be further from that. So now you have the problem of needing to tactfully get rid of it.

You could simply throw it out, but let’s be smarter than that. Here’s a few ways to better get rid of those unwanted gifts.

First, if the gift itself isn’t bad, just not something you like, save it in the box as you may have a chance to re-gift it. If someone who hates the outdoors got a set of binoculars they may give them to a birdwatching friend. Just make sure that whoever you give it to isn’t connected to the original giver.

If the item is of any value, then you can sell it. Things like electronics can be resold very easily. But other things are a little more difficult to move. That’s why Hollywood pawn shops exist. Swing by one and see if they will give you anything for it.

If your friend was kind enough to include the receipt, then return it. Get the money and buy yourself something that you actually like. By including the receipt, the giver has essentially given you permission to return the item, so go for it guilt-free.

Now if the item came from a sentimental person who you see frequently, then you may need to keep it around for some time. Just be sure to save the packaging as that will make potential resale much easier.