Tips For Reselling Items

maxwell-street-market-62353_960_720A very simple business that virtually anyone could run is that of buying items and then reselling them at a higher price. Doing this only requires some knowledge as to what is valuable and also knowing how to sell.

Let me give an example. Let’s say one is at a flea market or garage sale. There, many items are for sale at pretty low prices. A person with an eye for old electronics may come across a real treasure for a low price. Knowing that he can sell it for more online, he buys it and then flips it for a profit. Now, knowing what is valuable and not is part of the trick, but the selling aspect is what we are going to focus on today.

So we will assume step one is done. You have already been out to a flea market, garage sale, pawn shop in Davie, or scoured craigslist and now have something of value you will to list and sell. Here are a few tips to help you to get it done.

  1. Clean the item as much as possible before photographing it for the listing. Clean items are obviously more attractive and will generally be perceived as having higher value.
  2. Take lots of well-lit photos from multiple angles. You won’t get far if you are trying to hide imperfections, so just embrace it and be open about it by photographing the whole item, blemishes and all.
  3. Don’t just guess at the price, but rather, look as what others are selling similar items for, and more importantly, what people are bidding. You can also see what items have sold recently and how much they went for giving you an idea of realistic pricing.

These simple tips can actually help to create a much better and viable listing for your goods. Good luck in the marketplace.