Selling Your Stuff For The Most

antique-1868726_960_720When our homes fill with clutter, and things that we no longer need start piling up, one can safely assume that much of it realistically needs to be gotten rid of. And while one can go on a rampage throwing things out, that is a bit wasteful, isn’t it? Donating one’s no longer used clothes, furniture and appliances is a noble route, but sometimes one just needs to make a little bit back from all of these things. In that case, selling your excess possessions would be the way to go.

So if this is what you have decided, then you probably want to make the most from your stuff, right? So how can you do that? Well, here’s a few tips to help you out in this endeavor.

First, ensure that whatever you are selling is presented as neatly as possible. This goes for any type of item, in whatever sales venue. Be it a garage sale, on an online auction site, or a place like craigslist, you need to make your stuff look attractive. This means cleaning it, folding it (if applicable), etc.

Next, you will want to ensure that you realistically see what that type of item sells for. Not what people ASK for, but what it SELLS for. Then you can charge just a bit more than that so that you have some wiggle room in terms of haggling.

Finally, you need patience. Listing items for less will yield faster sales, but not all the money you would like to make. So be patient with your listings. Remember that if you are totally unable to sell something, you can always take it to a pawn shop ( later to get some fast money for it.