Selling An Old Truck

94-nissan-hardbodyThere finally comes a time when you need to law down your iron steed of old, and yield to the new. When the sun finally sets on your truck of yesteryear, and rises for a shiny new one with more bells and whistles than you ever before had. I’m of course talking about upgrading from your old truck to a new one. This can be a very exciting (and sometimes bittersweet) time. But now you need to decide what to do with the old truck. Well, this would depend on the condition.

Seriously Messed Up

If your truck is constantly breaking down, has cosmetic damage and will need thousands of dollars to fix, you may just want to junk it. You may be able to get a few hundred dollars for the truck. Now, you could try selling individual parts (provided there is a market for them) and then junk the remainder as that will yield you a bit more money. But it’s really up to you.

Not Too Bad

If your truck is still in running condition, with some cosmetic faults and some minor repairs on the horizon, then selling it is the way to go. Now, if you’re trying to sell it quickly, you have two options. You can put it up for sale at a really low price or you can just take it to a pawn shop. In either case, you’re not going to get a huge sum of money, but you’re walking out with some, quick. I did this at a pawn shop Hollywood based, and got a decent deal for my old F-150.

Good Condition

Sell that bad boy. Take your time. Do some research and sell it for as much as you can to offset the cost of the upgrade. Leave yourself some haggling room on the listing price.