Motorcycle Riding Safety

Any experienced motorcyclist will tell you that the biggest danger onĀ  the road isn’t weather conditions, debris, or even tricky turns and curves. It’s actually other drivers. As a motorcyclist, you are significantly less visible than cars on the road, and a cursory glance at a side mirror by a driver may not reveal your position to them, and this can sometimes result in catastrophe. To help you stay safe, here’s a few tips for staying alive on the road.

First, stay the heck out of blind spots. If you don’t already know blind spots are located on the sides of a car. On the driver side, somewhere around the read door and a bit further back. On the passenger side, from the trunk on back a bit. While many modern cars have sensors that will tell the driver if something is there, you don’t want to rely on that alone, so best to stay out of there. Remember, on trucks that spot is bigger.

Next, if you’re riding at night, wear visible clothing. I know that there is a certain attire that is desired, but maintaining visibility is more important. Also make sure that your bike’s lights and fixtures are operational and clean (toothpaste cleans the light casing surprisingly well).

You’ll also want to have some emergency reflectors and road flares. Needing to stop and make repairs on your bike sometimes needs to be done on the side of a road, and if it’s night time, you’ll need to stay visible. All that extra gear may require that you get a storage pouch, and you can usually find one at a pawn shop Miami for pretty cheap.

Taking the time to observe safety and keep up awareness of the drivers around you can go a long way towards keeping you on the road.