Modern Day Treasure Hunting

chest-1657362_960_720When we think of treasure hunting, we probably picture swashbuckling pirates and buccaneers, sailing the seven seas in search of treasure chests. Maybe that was how it used to be (though I doubt it as who on Earth would bury their fortune?) but today, it is very different. In fact, anyone can do it.

Treasure hunting can come in the form of finding valuable items and obtaining them for dirt cheap, ths giving one the ability to resell them for much, much more. These items can be found everywhere, one need only know how to look for them.

If this sound fun for you, then read on as I will explain the entire process in some detail.

First, one heads out to places like garage sales, flea markets, Ft. Lauderdale pawn shops, swap meets, etc. in search of valuable items. This takes a bit of intuition and a good eye, and anything can be valuable, no matter what it is. This is where having a smartphone comes in handy. See an item you aren’t sure about? Research it online and find out its value to see if it is worth a purchase.

Once you find an item you think you can resell for more, try haggling down the price (more profit in the end) and then buy it.

Now all you have to do is clean it up and list it online for sale. If you did all this right, you should be making a bit of profit on each item you sell. The treasure is literally the money in your hands.

While this type of thing certainly isn’t for everyone, those who enjoy it can actually do pretty well for themselves if they can get into the rhythm of it. I actually know people who do this full time as their primary job.