Making The Most Of The Truck You Have

orange-67-chevyWe’ve all been at this point somewhere along the line (and if not yet, will be eventually): you get out of your truck at either a parking lot, campground or work site, and you see a newer, flashier, more powerful truck than yours. You stare back at you own iron steed and it lacks the polish of years past. No longer does it turn heads nor act as a symbol of raw power. It’s just another truck on the road. You remember the good times you’ve had with it and the work it’s helped you accomplish and you go on with you day. But the slight sting is still there: your old truck isn’t what it used to be.

Well, there’s plenty of ways that you can make an older truck feel like new again. Some ways are purely cosmetic, but they can help to make that old truck exciting again.

  1. Get a new radio. If your truck is over 5 years old, then chances are that it could use some upgrades in the radio department. Maybe it doesn’t connect to your phone, or maybe it still rocks a CD player, but no aux jack. Radio upgrades can really help to bring your truck up into modern times.
  2. New seat covers and floor mats. This may sound tacky at first, but only if you get tacky stuff. Floor mats ought to be replaced after a while and the seats may have seen better days. This helps to greatly improve the image of the interior of the truck.
  3. Something goofy but fun. I’m talking about anything that can bring a smile to your face. Whether it’s a funny hood ornament, decals, lights for your rims, anything. Give you truck a little bit of flash and it will make you feel good when you see it.

These items can be gotten relatively cheaply. You can even find some of these in a pawn shop in Hollywood.