Looking The Part For Vacation

passion-fruit-daiquiri-906099_960_720If you’re like me and live in a northern and land-locked area, then you know how nice it would be to get away from the cold and dreary areas and visit someplace more tropical and warm would be. This is why many people choose to vacation in places like southern California, Florida, and the Caribbean. The beaches are great and so is the change in culture.

But if you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb, you’re going to have to look the part when you arrive to your tropical destination. This means that you’re going to need to have the appropriate clothes.

Now, you may be thinking that you’ll just go with a pair of shorts and call it a day. You could get away with that, but not all shorts are created equal. For example, maybe if you are walking around the boardwalks of California, board shorts would be the most appropriate. But that same look wouldn’t work as well in the Bahamas, where Bermuda shorts (https://www.venissac.com/collections/bermudas) rule supreme. A little bit of investigating into the local styles will yield some fashion ideas.

Another example is what kind of shirt to wear. If you’re hitting up Miami Beach, the a Guayabera shirt will have you looking like a local, no sweat. But that style isn’t quite right for the Gulf. There, something a little more casual would work nicely.

Obviously the style is going to very depending on where you go. The point is to do a little bit of research on what the dress is like for the area (instagram and pinterest are great places to find style ideas) and then get yourself what works for you based on it.