Inexpensive Upgrades To Your Car Stereo

man-driving-a-modern-carWe all know that the driving experience is made up of lots of different elements. It’s not only about how fast the car or truck can accelerate, or how tight the handling is. It’s also about the comfort of the interior, the little extra features, etc. Not to mention, the quality of the music listening experience.

The car radio system is a big part of the whole picture, and actually, nothing can make an older car feel like new like a stereo upgrade. Where one could only listen to AM, FM and possibly a cassette or CD, now one can integrate their smartphone, use an MP3 player, and other modern features. There are lots of little gadgets that you can get to augment your current system to include these features (like FM transmitters and cassette converters), but they lack the polish and quality of an actual stereo upgrade.

Unfortunately, stereos can be a bit on the expensive side. Getting a used one would actually be a good idea as these items are not subject to all that much wear and tear and can typically be found in good condition.

A great place to pick one up is actually a local pawn shop (like this pawn shop in Ft. Lauderdale). That’s exactly what I did. I checked into a few nearby Hollywood pawn shops and before long came out with a relatively nice stereo upgrade for my truck for less that $100. Installation will vary depending on your car and the stereo you get, but all in all, if you’re a tinkerer, then you’ll have no problems getting the sucker installed and rolling.

This really made me feel like I was in a new car. Add to this a thorough interior cleaning and it was a whole new experience. I strongly recommend that anyone looking to add a little new life to their current ride upgrade their stereo.