Getting Used Parts Cheap

engine-505489_960_720Sometimes you are in need of a replacement part for your car, or you are trying to make an upgrade. In either case, you’re going to want to get what you need for the lowest possible price. When people typically think of getting cheap parts, they think of after-market ones. And while this can be much less expensive than buying from the manufacturer, there is still a more economical option: buying used parts.

This may send chills down the spine of some car guys (with the risks of getting something broken or with only a little bit of life left in it) but hear me out. You may not want to go used for everything, but there are certainly things that can be bought used with no troubles.

Things like rims, radios, seat belt replacements, car jacks, hitch balls, etc. can all be purchased used with no worries.

So where do you get these used parts? Well, there are a number of places.

Leaving online sites aside (of course you can look online) you can visit a junk yard. If you have some know-how and can tell if a part is good or not, junk yards can be treasure troves for used parts. In some yards you’ll have to extract the parts yourself, but that can be part of the fun (if you’re a tinkerhead).

Pawn shops also have car parts occasionally. As pawn shops in Hollywood will usually accept anything of value they will accept some car parts. Typically things like car radios, speakers, rims, and things that will fit on a multitude of cars. So don’t rule them out when making your search.