Getting The Most For Your Spare Parts

old-car-engineIf you’re a car and motorcycle guy like me, then chances are that you probably have a garage full of spare parts. Maybe some of these will be worthless, old pieces of junk, and others may be some choice items. Either way, you’ve decided that it’s time to do a little spring cleaning and get rid of your inventory. While some things may be destined for the trash bin, others could be sold for some profit. So what is the best way to go about doing that?

For starters, you could list your parts on a site like eBay. People are constantly looking for automotive items and if you have a rare or specialty part, you may be likely to find a buyer. This will net you the most money as you will be selling directly to the individual who wants it. Just do a bit of research so you can set a good and fair selling price.

But what if the part isn’t in high demand? Maybe it’s valuable, but just not all that sought-after. You could always pawn it. Pawn shops will buy automotive parts if they believe that they can sell them. Sure, there may not be a huge demand right at the moment, but with a little patience the item could sell for a pretty penny. I went to a pawn shop in Miami near my home and successfully sold a few items that I’d been unable to move myself. I didn’t get as much money for them, but it was better than throwing them out for nothing.

You could also try selling your parts to a junkyard, but this will give you the least amount for your stuff. But if it’s not an items that has sold through the above options, then if you can get anything for them, it’s better than nothing.