Getting a Used ATV

motocross-1283243_960_720When you’re going to buy a used car, usually you’re doing it to save money. But, you need to know how to check out a few things to ensure that you’re not getting ripped off (see our earlier article here). Well, the same exact thing goes for buying a used ATV.

ATVs can be a lot of fun, and since they are by no means a person’s primary method of transportation, you may think that you don’t need to be as careful with checking them out. Well, if you don’t have any problem with potentially wasting money, then sure. But if you want to ensure that you are getting a quality item, then you really can follow most of the steps in our earlier article as many of those points are fully applicable to buying an ATV as well.

But where should you buy this ATV? Well, just like with used cars, you have a few options.

There are plenty of dealerships that offer used ATVs. Usually you can find them with a warranty as it is being guaranteed by the dealership. You’ll still want to check it out for yourself though…

Pawn shops will also often carry ATVs. You’ll probably want to call ahead before going in person as they all don’t have them. Best bet is to call a chain of local pawn shops (like this Hollywood pawn shop chain) and see if any of their locations have an ATV available rather than call dozens one by one.

Finally, search through the classified and find people selling their own older ATVs. You can usually haggle the price a bit when dealing with an individual, but this is where checking out the vehicle yourself comes most into play as you have nowhere to take it back to should something go wrong. These types of private sales are usually final, and once you leave, there is no recourse.