Finding Your First Ride

triumph-rocket-3-motorcycleOk, so you’ve decided that you want to get a motorcycle. Maybe it’s because you’ve always wanted one, or perhaps you’d like to try it out for recreational purposes. Or maybe you just like the look of it and want to be a badass. Either way, if you’ve never ridden before, it would be foolish to invest a lot of money on an expensive, brand-new bike. First of all, you may not like it as much as you think you will. Secondly, new riders often have small accidents, so it would be better to start off with a less expensive bike (consider it entry level) so that you can get a feel for riding without fear of damaging a high-end machine. So where do you find a cheap, yet working bike?

The internet is a good place to start. Sites like will yield plenty of used bikes. The only problem is that usually, all sales are final, and if you bought a lemon, you’re stuck with it. However, not all deals are duds, and you can sometimes find a good one amid the rest.

Another good source for used bikes are actually pawn shops. These things get pawned all the times, and you can usually find one in good condition. A good point about pawn shops is that some will offer you a few days to take the bike back if it’s found to not be in working order. Also, there are so many pawn shops (try searching for a Hollywood pawn shop) that you’re bound to find several near to you.