Do You Really Need A Truck?

monster-wheels-pickup-truckI’m going to confess a pet peeve of mine. Every time I go out onto the road and see a large, heavy-duty pickup truck in completely pristine order, without a scratch on it, my blood boils a little bit. Now, there’s nothing wrong with taking care of your stuff and keeping a nice looking car. But in my belief, no pickup truck should ever be that pristine unless it’s brand new. Pickup trucks are meant to be working trucks, or at least be used for hauling heavy stuff. Not for pleasure rides around the beach with a completely empty bed.

This brings me the the point of this article: do some people even really need a truck? Well, there’s a fairly easy and short checklist to go through.

  1. Do you plan on using it for work? If you do any sort of construction, or work with heavy equipment or lots of tools, then yes, get a truck.
  2. Do you buy and sell a lot of goods? If you’ve got loads of stuff to carry around frequently, then yes, get a truck.
  3. Do you go camping or engage in outdoors-type recreation somewhat frequently? A truck could be your best friend. Get one!
  4. Do you work in an office and only haul the groceries? No, a truck isn’t for you.
  5. Are you trying to seem more manly by driving a truck? No, get a sports car. Good luck with your mid-life crisis.

See? Simple!

However, there are some who could make use of a truck every now and then. Maybe you’re a housewife who likes to go antiquing, or possibly you’re that guy that everyone asks to help move. In either case, a truck would be useful, but not an everyday item. You may consider getting a small, used truck just for these things. No sense in spending a lot of money on a brand-new one when you’ll only used it every so often. Check local listings for trucks for sale. Some used car lots may have a good deal. You can sometimes even find small trucks at a Hollywood pawn shop.