Add Treasure Hunting Into Your Road Trips

pocket-watch-1637393_960_720One of the most fun parts about going out of town by car is the road trip. Having family or good friends in the car, and then nothing but the highway and conversation and music can make for a really good time. But there is another aspect of the road trip that can also be fun, and is often overlooked. And that is exploring new towns, and the occasional treasure find.

By that I mean stopping at a local flea market or Davie pawn shop and discovering something interesting or valuable that you would otherwise have never come across. This can be a great experience, and also give you a great and unique reminder of the trip itself.

But you need to plan accordingly if you would like to do this. A few things to do are:

  1. Give yourself enough time. If you are on a tight schedule, you won’t be making many stops at all. Just gas and restrooms. Give yourself at least an extra day if possible so that you can make the trip at your leisure. This also takes away from the stress and can make the road trip feel more like a vacation.
  2. Give yourself enough space. If you pack the car to the gills, then you can’t really take anything else along. Dont pack too much or take a bigger car if possible. You never know what you may find that you would like to bring along.

That’s pretty much it. Follow the above two rules, and you too can take advantage of all of the benefits and perks of a road trip. Now hit the road and have a great trip!